Term and Conditions

Cancellation :


  1. Cancellations must be made one day in advance.
  2. If the guest have not yet picked up, and the weather is not good then it can be replaced in another day (reschedule)
  3. But when the guest on a journey on the to location and there is rain on the way, before reaching the location, so we repatriate the guest to the hotel and will be replaced by another day (reschedule)

When the guest reach the basecamp location and there is rain then we waiting    for some time if still possible to do the activity, but if not possible, guests will be sent back to the hotel and do the activity the next day (if the client still wants Canyoning). If the client does not want Canyoning / discontinue Canyoningwe  will refund payment but will be deducted for transport Rp 250,000 /person (if the client is already doing a full payment). If the client has not paid then the client is required to pay the transport  and breakfast costs Rp 250,000 /person.

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