Rappeling - Adrenaline Rush Bali


Rappelling, Have you ever imagined to get down the waterfall with a rope? Definitely exciting right? Sure enough, Rappelling is one activity that you get to do the trip with us. Rappelling is the activity of the falls with equipment like a conqueror climbing rope. Very fun and easy, because you will be trained to do so. Equipment that we provide a very complete and has a high quality. This will be ...

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Sliding - Adrenaline Rush Bali


Adrenaline Rush Bali as a provider of a canyoning adventure trip brings you to enjoy a variety of rides nature in Gitgit. Just imagine, a variety of rides that you normally enjoy in water boom, but we provide a vehicle similar on our trip. Sliding is a very exciting rides. The place to do a slide formed from smooth rocks among natural rocks. The cold, clear water flowing and bring you to smooth do ...

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Jumping - Adrenaline Rush Bali


You ever jump? Your answer must have. Have you felt the jump from the top of the falls? Maybe some of you have never been. Adrenaline rush bali, with innovation that combines natural beauty with exciting adventure rides will make you feel an incredible experience. Trip that we provide through activity brings you to jump over a waterfall with a height of approximately 20 meters. Naturally formed po ...

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Zip-Lining Adrenaline Rush Bali

Zip-Lining or Flying Fox

Adrenaline rush bali presents a new activity and your adrenaline is very challenging. Zip Linning or Fox flying is an activity that we're featuring in our adventure packages. You can enjoy the beauty of nature with a height of over 30 meters. You will be taken through waterfalls and rivers are clean and decorated with green trees in the vicinity. You do not need to doubt the security and comfort i ...

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