The Beauty of Gitgit Waterfall in Bali

The Beauty of Gitgit Waterfall in Bali

 The Beauty of Gitgit Waterfall in Bali 

Bali is a world tourist destination. Bali is not only famous in Indonesia, Bali is also very famous in foreign countries.This is evidenced by the number of foreign tourists who visit Bali every year. Bali is already worldwide where Bali is a favorite tourist attraction for everyone in this world.Bali is not only offering nature tourism but also cultural tourism packages that can be enjoyed by everyone who visit there.


Bali is located in the territory of the country of Indonesia precisely located in the east of Java where there is a small strait that separates the two of the Bali Strait.Gitgit Waterfall is one of the natural attractions that can be enjoyed on the island of Bali.This waterfall is one of the tourist attractions that offer tour packages of natural scenery with the object of a flowing waterfall.Gitgit Waterfall provides a very special sight for tourists visiting the tourist sites.The location of the area where Gitgit Waterfall is located in the still beautiful and cool countryside adds to the natural exotic impression of this tourist area. The cool air certainly makes the visitors become more comfortable visiting the location of Gitgit Waterfall.Gitgit Waterfall also does not merely offer tours where tourists only play water, bathe, and swim in the waterfall but also tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the rural scenery that stretches in the region.


The beauty of Gitgit Waterfall in Bali is Most Visited by Travelers

Gitgit Waterfall is one of the exotic waterfalls to be visited and enjoyed by tourists who hunt for natural tourism packages in the activities of the road - the way in Indonesia.This waterfall is the highest waterfall on the island of Bali, where Gitgit Waterfall has a height of 35 meters from the ground to the end where the flow of flowing waterfalls.The panoramic view of the unspoiled and unspoiled countryside certainly provides a special feel for anyone going to this Gitgit Waterfall location.The location to Gitgit Waterfall must be reached by foot along the valley and forest, where vehicles such as cars can not reach the location of Gitgit Waterfall directly.As long as we walk to the location of the waterfall we will be given the natural scenery of the village and the scenery of tropical forest is very beautiful and seductive. The air is still clean and cool to make our journey feels very pleasant to be done to the location of the intended waterfall. We must be careful also during the walk down the village and forest here, because if not careful we can slip or dislocate because the field is so slippery and wet. This is due to a very humid tropical forest factor located in the location of Gitgit Waterfall. That is we must be careful in the way of walking to the location. The location of the road is still a forest, making this place suitable as a tourist area tracking where we can do before mingle with fresh water flowing in Gitgit Waterfall.

When we are at the location of Gitgit Waterfall we will be brought with cool cold and also fresh air winds that bring a glimmer of water falling down in Gitgit Waterfall. The harsh winds make us seem to be somewhere that offers coolness and natural beauty.


During the stay here we can play - play water with our friends we take a trip to this place. We can throw each other cool water to our friends and exclamations here. Tropical forest surrounding Gitgit Waterfall is also natural, a lot of the sound of forest animals that we usually encounter if we are in a natural habitat that is still maintained habitat. The singing of birds around the waterfall also helped make our tour more meaningful because the comforting ritual provided is indeed sensational. Our walk will be paid off here as long as we enjoy the atmosphere and the boisterous water that flows down to take us in a very enchanting nature.


Gitgit Waterfall is fantastic, many people come to this place and fall in love with him. We can also do selfie photo activity to capture the moment of our visit at Gitgit Waterfall of course. Cold and cool water that flows in the river pond made by Gitgit Waterfall of course we do not waste it because we can bathe or swim and even bathe in this location with very comfortable and undisturbed by the noise sounds like in urban areas. Of course the comfort of that atmosphere is what tourists want to look for when visiting natural attractions that are able to hypnotize us with atmosphere and scenery that is second to none elsewhere. The gurgling and swift flow of watering waterfall will make us wonder how beautiful the creation of God where we as human beings are able to enjoy it completely. Water that flows from top to fall down is a natural heritage that we must guard together other than us and our children and grandchildren can enjoy it of course. The existence of Gitgit Waterfall is also mandatory we keep the sustainability and cleanliness, therefore during a visit to this tourist site do not throw garbage or other dirt carelessly. Of course we do not want to make Gitgit Falls dirty and polluted.Let's pass on our wise attitude to nature by not destroying our natural habitats and ecosystems, do not add garbage or dirt to the nature of our own who will bear the consequences of this environmental pollution behavior as well.



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