Regency of Buleleng

Regency of Buleleng

Regency of Buleleng

North Bali tourist attraction, mostly located in Buleleng district, with the capital named Singaraja. Although Buleleng district is not as famous as Badung and Gianyar regencies of Bali, Buleleng district has a huge tourism potential to be developed.

If you go to the capital of Buleleng regency (Singaraja city) from Ngurah Rai airport, it will take 2 hours 50 minutes with mileage of 94 kilometers. Perhaps because of the location is quite far from Ngurah Rai airport, making a lot of tourists whoh vacation on a tourist attraction of northern Bali that mostly exist in Buleleng district.

Buleleng Regency has a region close to the beach and has a mountainous area that is still beautiful and natural. So if you depart from the tourist attractions of Kuta Bali , during the trip you will see the views of Lake Beratan and the view of Lake Buyan.

For those of you who want an alternative tourism destination in Bali other than in southern Bali, of course want to know, what are the attractions of northern Bali interesting to visit. List of Nort Bali Tourism Objects are Lovina Beach, Banjar Hot Water, Waterfall Sekumpul, Waterfall Melanting Buleleng, Les Buleleng waterfall and the last is Gitgit Waterfall Buleleng

Gitgit Waterfall Buleleng Bali

Most of the waterfall locations in Bali are in the area of ??northern Bali. Precisely in Buleleng Regency, and one of them is Gitgit Buleleng Bali waterfall.

Location Gitgit waterfall Buleleng Bali is located in the village of Mount Luwih Gitgit North Bali precisely in Buleleng regency.

If you depart from Kuta Bali, will travel about 80 kilometers with travel time about 2 hours 30 minutes away. 

The location of Gitgit Buleleng Bali waterfall is easier to reach, compared to other waterfall locations in Buleleng such as Sekumpul waterfall or Munduk waterfall.

Easy to find the location of Gitgit waterfall because of the location of Gitgit waterfall not too far from the road that connects Denpasar, Bedugul with Singaraja city (the capital of Buleleng Regency).

On the way to Gitgit waterfall, you will pass through Bedugul tourist area. Interesting attractions in Bedugul Bali is a botanical garden with cool air and attractions Beratan Bedugul lake .

The road to the location of the waterfall Gitgit already with hot mix asphalt. But because the location of the waterfall is in the mountains, then the road will be many inclines and derivatives are tortuous, sometimes the road will be shrouded in a mist that makes visibility becomes short.


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