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ADRENALINE RUSH BALI SPORT CANYONING is a business entity with the status of a private company which takes the form of Commanditaire engaged in Services Sector Tourism is located in Gitgit, sub Sukasada district Buleleng Singaraja Bali Indonesia. Canyoning and other business coplanar with the activities of canyoning is an activity that is classified sporting nature free.

This type of sport-based searches of the river, canyon valleys, and waterfalls that combines various engineering disciplines outdoors. Canyoning is a wild disciplines that encapsulate some of the techniques as well as climbing, down the cliff  ( rappelling ), swimming, slide, zip-lining ( flying fox ), cliff jumping, and diving in some specific conditions are also part of the canyoning.


Our Info:

Company Name     :     Adrenaline Rush Bali
Address     :    Jl. Raya Gitgit, Gitgit,Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali
Contact     :     +62 877-5434-8849
Email     :     info@adrenalinerushbali.com
Website     :     www.adrenalinerushbali.com
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