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Number of rivers and waterfalls are clear and stable aqueous quite abundant. Valleys and canyons so fascinating and typical of andesitic rocks in the rivers that flow makes Gitgit and Sambangan has a potential lure for canyoning activity when compared with other regions.


The contour of the land is hilly, create characters of the level, and the water discharge more diverse. Most waterfalls with views that can be encountered exotic even close to residential areas, making access relatively easy to reach, while also considering Gitgit and Sambangan has long been an area that many visit / demand by domestic and foreign travelers. The concept of man's relationship with nature where the concept is human expected to have responsibility for nature and managing natural. Man not only utilize natural without regard to sustainability.


We began to back away from the hustle bustle of the world, more looking for a shady moments just to enjoy nature. On the other hand, there are also those who avoid the stones, be it small or big in life they prefer to escape from their problems, do not want to deal with stones in their lives. Their lives are so empty and listless. For others their life does not look appealing so flat and depressing, the way along the rivers, valleys and canyons we can also find the stone, along with the vision and mindset, the stone is an expression of the contents of this world (rock there are big and small, as well as with the human condition).


River depicts life itself, with the river a lot of life around him who come grow, grass stretches, towering trees and plants that despite the wild but beautiful view. Our lives are also supposed to be like a river, the source of life and blessing to those around us.


And when I looked down from above the river I realized one thing that God also sees man on top of that, he was the one who set up where rivers should flow and each river is no way respectively. In the end all will lead to a single point namely the sea. In the language of life that is called heaven at the end of human life, humans will return to the first humans were created and all wealth, wealth to be on leave and reunite with the creator.


ADRENALINE RUSH BALI SPORT canyoning located in Gitgit also overshadow environmental organizations, which work in the organization cares rivers named SAVE RIVER, these organizations speak out on the importance of the river to people's lives and encourage people, especially, the surrounding communities at large to participate in the preservation of the rivers in between planting trees, cleaning up rivers and protect the ecosystem along the river in the village of Gitgit and Sambangan. In the activity in the social sphere in addition to accommodating the organization SAVE RIVER, ADRENALINE RUSH BALI SPORT Canyoning is very concerned with the development of education of Gitgit area, because the adrenaline rush bali sport canyoning strongly believes that the change can be done through education in the realization of care to education, every year ADRENALINE RUSH BALI SPORT Canyoning aside funds from the tourism services to help underprivileged children in education, things that can be contributed in the form of stationery, books, school uniforms and the provision of bins to every school that is around Gitgit.


VALLEY, when ever felt standing on the valley floor, then you will soon realize two facts that the valleys are formed slowly through the years a very long time, and they are formed as a result of force untold magnitude to the mainland. Such was the power of nature formed the valleys of the earth.


Two forces are responsible for the formation of most of the valley, the first water slicing into the surface becoming increasingly in conjunction with the passage of time. A small stream or river flowing could spark erosion, is the area landscape surrounded by mountains and hills that the width of a few square kilometers to reach thousands of square kilometers. Valleys can be formed from several geological processes.


Being in the valley will make us feel the sensation of friends with nature, nature that gives life to man. Explore the valley will evoke the spirit of adventure every human being to enjoy the natural beauty of the legs are in the mountains. Valleys will be a good companion for every adventures spirit.


Valleys often people call the foot of the mountain because it is under the feet of the mountain, valley between two cliffs called the canyon. The valley is a fertile area and there are many sources of water, the shape of the springs, the water can sometimes be the initial inception of the river.


The river is flowing water, river water originated from water sources, the source of river water comes from springs, rain water and snow melt. The river's flow stems from the plateau and then flowing a low flatness and ended up in the sea. When water start of the river called the river upstream (tillers) while the base end of the river called the river downstream, downriver in the form of the estuary, the mouth of the river is also a meeting place for the river to the sea. At the river mouth there is a swamp and delta, delta is the land that formed from mud, mud washed downstream from the river downstream. The river is very important for the environment and for human life, many rivers in use for humans.


Many kindness valleys and rivers for humans, nature millions of years to form the valley ahead of the human and natural until now keeping the people in it. And now turn man protecting nature, valleys and rivers

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